Violet Defense Partners With AdvisorEngine, Outfitting Its New Facility With Proprietary Pulsed Xenon UV Disinfection Solution

Violet Defense and AdvisorEngine

UV technology for enhanced air and surface disinfection is ideally suited for AdvisorEngine's new open office space, addressing return-to-office concerns

Violet Defense has outfitted the new office location for AdvisorEngine, developers of a wealth management platform for financial advisories, with its patented UV disinfection technology, addressing the nationwide trend of employees' health concerns over returning to offices.

"Providing a safe and clean environment for our employees is a top priority, and the standard of protection against germs offered by Violet Defense gives us peace of mind," said AdvisorEngine CEO Richard Cancro.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, 30% of employees are concerned a return to the office will negatively impact their physical and mental health. McKinsey found that "improved air filtration was a core request, with 62 percent of respondents reporting that it could decrease the stress they experienced from returning on-site."

Violet Defense has developed advanced UV technology that is scientifically proven to kill germs. Its pulsed xenon solution produces a broad, powerful spectrum of ultraviolet light, including UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, and violet blue, which maximizes germ-killing efficiency.

AdvisorEngine's leadership team set employee health and well-being as a primary goal for employees' return to office. They worked with Violet Defense to proactively address three concerns:

  • Giving staff the confidence that they could return to an in-person setting safely.
  • Ability to easily disinfect shared spaces like conference rooms in between work sessions.
  • Ability to safely disinfect IT equipment and trade show assets between uses—without chemicals that can damage the equipment.

Violet Defense solved those concerns with an integrated plan of installing Xenon UV disinfection solutions in the office spaces and shared bathrooms, and installing Fighter units from PURO Air into the building's two air handlers.

The pulsed Xenon UV disinfection system includes new Wi-Fi modules for enhanced control of the system, allowing AdvisorEngine staff to schedule the units' disinfection cycles from desktop, or activate on-demand.

"Violet Defense technology powers a wide array of products that can provide a customizable solution for virtually any facility, from conference centers and schools to hotels and hospitals," said David Scalzo, CEO of Violet Defense. "We're pleased to be able to give AdvisorEngine and its team a system that give them confidence to return to office safely, and with a solution suitable for their modern office, environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, effective and affordable."

As 87% of the American workforce returns to the office at least two days a week, health is paramount to organizations, both in an ongoing pandemic and annual flu seasons. Violet Defense's industrial UV sanitizer system is in place in office buildings, convention centers, athletic training facilities, hospitals, hotels, government facilities, schools and universities, and more.

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