Vantage is Helping Facility Managers Create a Safe Environment That Meets Workers' Needs

Vantage by Violet Defense uses patented, pulsed xenon UV light technology to kill pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. With an increased focus on wellness and ensuring the customers and staff feel comfortable and relaxed gathering together, Facility Managers have become critical to driving the overall success of their business.

Violet Defense, an ultraviolet (UV) technology company with patented and proven UV disinfection solutions, announces that its Vantage Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection Light System is purpose-built to provide Facility Managers with the tools they need to drive the productivity and profitability of their business and facilitate creating an environment that ensures workers feel safe and comfortable each day.

Vantage uses patented, pulsed xenon UV light technology to kill pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. Vantage is currently in use in many high-traffic indoor environments including schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices, fitness centers, warehouses and residences.

For Facility Managers, the Vantage units offer substantial benefits:

  • Effectiveness: Violet Defense's pulsed xenon light technology is independently validated and patented and is effective at killing up to 99.9% of coronavirus, norovirus, E. coli, C. diff, C. auris, Salmonella, and MRSA.
  • Ease of Use: Units are designed to be conveniently retrofitted into existing spaces. Vantage is easily installed, fully automatic and can disinfect air and surfaces every day, regardless of staffing or labor challenges.
  • Happy Employees and Customers: With Vantage, Facility Managers can create a clean, fresh environment without harsh chemical odors, loud air handlers or distracting light glows that can impact employee morale and customers' shopping experience.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Harsh chemicals can degrade equipment, is harmful to people and can contaminate the environment. Other solutions utilize disposable filters which collect germs and end up in landfills. Vantage by Violet Defense offers the business a sustainable, eco-friendly means to kill germs and create safe, comfortable spaces for employees.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Units require no ongoing maintenance or labor costs, reducing overhead and saving companies big on cleaning supplies.

Historically, it has been a Facility Manager's responsibility to keep facilities functional at the lowest cost. The devastating impact of empty spaces has demonstrated that when people don't feel safe gathering together, business productivity and profitability suffer. Getting workers back into workspaces has since become a top priority for facility managers, who are critical to creating a business environment that is both productive and profitable.

The job hasn't been easy. Research conducted by leading IT and engineering staffing agency Apollo Technical found that:

  • 92% of employees do not want to return to the office full time after the pandemic;
  • 87% of employees want to work from home at least one day per week; and
  • 9% of employees relocated to a different city during the pandemic, making returning to the office impossible.

Facility Managers interested in ensuring the ongoing productivity and profitability of their business should email to set up a consultation with our sales professionals.

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About Violet Defense

Violet Defense uses UV disinfection to protect everyday spaces from harmful pathogens by killing up to 99.9 percent of E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, C. diff., Norovirus, and Coronavirus. Violet Defense's technology is the only known Pulsed Xenon solution that can be installed in a room full-time, creating a continuous way to address disinfection needs of all types of settings.

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